Powerhouse are a five piece ceilidh band consisting of melodeon, flute, electric guitar, bass and drums. Brought together by a mutual love of rock, beer, general geekiness and ceilidh, they combine traditional tunes with rock riffage and pop culture to tempt even the most determined non-dancer.

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The BanD

Dr. Robobnik

Science! Also melodeons.

Judge Shredd

Rumour has it Judge Shredd was not born but created in a secret lair by members of Emperor, Nile and Opeth to unleash mighty riffs, shreds and chugs upon the world! (This is actually untrue, he’s from Stockport.)

The Jenerator

The tempo is whatever she says it is.

Robin of Rocksley

“What do you mean we’ve got enough cheesy bass slides in this set?”

Triumphant C

Erstwhile purveyor of the heavy flute sound, C has yet to master the art of riding her motorbike and playing the flute at the same time.